Philadelphia Celebrates Growth – The Lord adds to the Church…

Our little church family is growing; when we, Selita and I, started there a short time ago there were 6 regularly attending, now the Lord is growing us. Keep praying for us. Our 2 latest Breathe Conference baptismal candidates are in the center [October 28, 2017]. Our next Breathe Conference baptism is coming up in a few of weeks. [Elder Michael A. Harpe, Interim Pastor, is the communication & stewardship director for South Central Conference and Selita, ministerial spouse, serve the Philadelphia church family.]

The Breath Conference 2017, Pulaski TN, recognized it’s graduates from the bible study series for adults and the “Fearless Bible Investigators” (FBI) children/teen Bible Study series. Philadelphia’s Breath conference celebrated the first Baptism of the series (Patty McIntyre-rear & Angie Curtis-front [white robes]) and the next one coming soon. Pastor and Sister Harpe rear.